West Construction (Liberia), Inc. began operations in Liberia in 2009, by winning the USAID design competition for the new National Election Commission Building located in Monrovia. While working on the design elements of the building West was asked by DAI/USAID to provide capacity building and construction management services for the duration of the National Election Commission Building project. During that time it was determined that a reliable construction and architecture firm providing professional services to donor agencies, NGO’s and local operating companies with a reputation of quality and completing projects on time was required to assist Liberia with it’s infrastructure rebuilding after years of civil conflict.

West Construction (Liberia), Inc. has since completed various infrastructure projects, program management services, and architectural and engineering services for various companies and agencies throughout Liberia. West has worked in every county within Liberia and understands how to successfully complete projects within a difficult and logistically challenging region.

West Construction (Liberia), Inc. is a Liberian Company supported by it’s USA based parent company of West Construction, Inc. located in Lake Worth, Florida. West Liberia a 95% Liberian workforce supported by strategically placed expatriates who monitor the work, provide professional expertise and works to develop capacity of the Liberian workforce.