Stuart Memorial Park

Stuart Memorial Park

Stuart, Florida

Owner: City of Stuart
Contract Amount: $1.6M
Architect : West Architecture + Design

Park renovation that includes a ceremonial plaza and stage featuring the park’s original Veterans Memorial; a small man-made lake with pavilions and a wooden bridge; a paved perimeter walkway; and a “bio-swale to hold and clean water before it’s piped to the St. Lucie River Estuary.

A large arch close to East Ocean Boulevard marks the new main park entrance and leads to the ceremonial plaza. The plaza has six flagpoles; one for the American flag near the arch and five on stage for the main military service flags – Army, Air Force, Navy, marines and Coast Guard.

Features: Pavilions
Site Utilities
Wooden Bridge
Lush Landscaping
Prominent Entryway Arch

Services Provided: Site Work
Construction Management
Architectural Services