Pompano Beach Community Pool

Pompano Beach, Florida

Owner: City of Pompano Beach
Contract Amount: $3,300,000.00
Work performed with own forces : 30%

The project entailed demolishing an existing pool/bathhouse building while keeping the existing concrete pool for future use. The new 2,900 Square Foot building houses the ticket and concession areas, family bathrooms, restrooms, lifeguard area and pool pump room. The site included the installation of the new Stainless Steel Competition Pool imported from Europe. The pool is complete with one meter dive stands, starting blocks, backstroke flags, lane line dividers and a learn to swim area. The project had to be completed on time as a grant for the City could have been jeopardized. Extensive fence, railings, sod and landscaping complete the site amenities and offer the community an excellent recreational facility with two pools and plenty of space.

Features: 25M X 50M Competition Pool
Retrofitted Existing Pool
Retrofitted Existing Pump House
Pool Deck
2,900 SF Pool Building
Associated Parking

Services Provided: Concrete
Site Work
Construction Management