South Florida VA National Cemetery

Lake Worth, Florida

Owner: Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Contract Amount: $11,006,750.00
Architect : CSA Architects & Engineers

This 313-acre site serves nearly 400,000 veterans and their families within the service area of the national cemetery.  The project consisted of site clearance and preparation with excavation and hauling of 65,000 cubic yards of fill; site utilities with water, sewer with lift station, drainage and two retention ponds on site. The parking lot included 67 spaces. The building construction included one 2,327 square foot maintenance building and one 728 square foot restroom building.  The cemetery provides 14,000 casket sites, 3,000 columbarium niches and 9,500 in-ground niches. 

Features: Columbariums
Maintenance Building
Public Information Center
Committal Shelter

Services Provided: Construction Management
General Construction Services