Westgate Gymnasium

West Palm Beach, Florida

Owner: Palm Beach County
Contract Amount: $2.1M
Work performed with own forces : 40%

The Westgate Gymnasium is situated in an existing Palm Beach County Park that services the local community. The facility was provided as a supplement an existing community center and to give an indoor recreational environment to the immediate residents. The placement of the building on the site is a result of maintaining the existing outdoor play structures, existing trees and providing a physical relationship to the existing building and play fields. The facility contains a gymnasium to accommodate basketball, volleyball and community activities; offices for the staff; restroom facilities and a multi-purpose space for small intimate functions. Containing 12,000 Square Feet, the new facility reflects the emergence of an older community and provides a sense of identity.

Features: 16,000 SF Gymnasium
Outdoor Basketball Courts
Renovation of Existing Community Center
Landscape Design

Services Provided : Construction Management
General Construction Services