Portable Water Tower Miami VA Medical Center

Owner: Department of Veterans Affairs, AKEA
Contract Amount: 2,570,859.00

Design & construction of a 1,000,000-gallon Waterspheroid elevated water storage tank at the VA Hospital in Miami, FL. The Miami VAHS will implement water conservation measures so that actual water needs will be reduced to a million gallons for seven (7) days. This project is to provide a million-gallon water tower as a source of potable water (water for toilets, sinks, showers, & cooling towers) to supply the Miami VA Hospital with seven (7) days emergency capacity. The scope of this project is for the installation of elevated steel, food grade, holding tank, associated pumping, piping & control systems, and a water treatment system. Water treatment will be provided to minimize the possibility of contamination & booster pumps will provide the necessary water pressure to supply water to the upper floors of the hospital. A small structure will be erected at the base of the elevated water tower to house pumps, power, controls, & water chlorination equipment. Power will be provided by existing power generation