Fire Station #78

Fire Station #78

Tamarac, Florida

Owner: City of Tamarac
Contract Amount: $3.5 Million

This project includes the complete demolition of the existing fire station and site appurtenances on a 1.15 acre site and the development of a (+/-) 9,400 square foot fire station located at the same site. The building is designed and constructed to sustainable building rating of LEED certified. The building is a hardened structure, constructed in accordance with the Florida Building Code, Section 1620, High-Velocity Hurricane Zones-Wind Loads, Risk Category II and IV Buildings and Structures. The building and site are designed and constructed to integrate a new public artwork commissioned through the Tamarac Public Art Program.

Features: 1-story structure (+/- 9,400 SF)
1.15 acre site
Integrated Public Artwork
Harden structure
LEED certified

Services Provided: Design/Build Services