Soprema – Pompano Office

Soprema Florida Regional Office

Pompano Beach, Florida

Owner: Soprema, Inc
Contract Amount: $ 460 K

Soprema Florida Regional Office started life as a Harley-Davidson dealership in Pompano Beach, Florida. The transformation from a Retail building to an Office/Industrial building included the following: Repairing the building systems, Replacing most of the interior finishes, Painting the exterior of the building, Upgrading the landscaping and Adding new exterior signage. As part of the renovation, new Offices and Conference / Training spaces were created for the education of sub-contractors and professionals in the Roofing Industry. The build-ing was designed to be flexible in its use and allow Professional Or-ganizations such as BOMA, AIA, etc… to utilize the facilities for meet-ings and events.

The Interior Design Concept was to create a modern atmosphere by the selection of eco-friendly finishes that have contemporary materials

& colors. The Exterior Design Concept was to integrate Soprema’s corporate colors by complementing the existing Architecture and giving the building a new identity. Opportunities were also taken to increase the efficiency and environmental impact with the repair and replace-ment of the deteriorated building components. This was achieved through the use of LED lights at the building entry and energy efficient HVAC units for the ones that were unserviceable.

Features: One–Story (+/- 18,000 Sq. Ft., renovation project.
Renovation of sales space to Office, Training Rooms
Renovation of repair space to storage and training areas
Replacing and Reconditioning existing building systems
Upgrading the existing land-scaping
Adding new exterior signage
Painting the complete building interior and exterior.
Replacing most of the interior finishes with ECO friendly materials

Services Provided :
Design/ Build Services