Melrose Irrigation Supply & Sales

Melrose Irrigation Supply & Sales

Lake Worth, Florida

Owner: West Coast Waters. LLC
Contract Amount: $700 K

The project involved the development of a one -story office warehouse building (+/- 5,000 sq. ft.) The building is con-structed of masonry walls and a low sloped roof. Site develop-ment includes the following: building, sidewalks, landscape, driveways, parking, dumpster enclosure, drainage, water and sewer connections and site lighting and abandonment of a pub-lic utility easement.
The design demonstrates creativity addressing neighborhood compatibility, street frontage, pedestrian activity, quality design / architecture, and quality materials in construction.
The style of the building is in the contemporary Florida industrial architectural style. The placement of the building creates a front-age along Boutwell Road, thereby creating an edge to the road which is in line with the existing building to the south. architec-tural element, such as a corner tower like feature, is integrated into the building to provide a focal point with the reconfiguration of the intersection of Boutwell Road & 7th Ave N. the project is sensitive to the public by locating the overhead doors, outdoor storage and loading areas to the east side of the building screened from the public view.

Features: Office/ Warehouse
5,000 square feet
Outdoor storage

Services Provided: Design-Build